Hello Legendary Digital!

This is my interview follow-up page!


Hello Legendary Digital!

This is my interview follow-up page!

Hey Derrick, Bowser, and Mike,

Thanks so much for meeting me on Friday! I loved getting to meet you and check out the office.

First that sketch The Potato Chip. It’s embedded below! I learned about this sketch on the podcast “I Think You’d Be Into It” (also embedded below) talking about my love for Will Forte - the host Brandon brings up the sketch at 4:28 and successfully evangelized me to its merits. The sketch also inspired a great Uproxx article - an oral history of The Potato Chip.

Meanwhile, some materials of mine that would be good for you to check out.

The two trailers for my spec pilot Taking A Hit are below - and here's a website that contains the actual spec pilot itself. I produced, wrote, directed, and edited the trailers and spec pilot. (you’ll need to type “I agree” in the text box)

Here’s an interview I did with Splitsider after my comedy music band’s debut album hit #1 on Amazon’s comedy charts.

Also, I mentioned I have a live-play comedy D&D podcast. It’s called Lost In The Multiverse, and it’s hosted at the URL www.DnD.cool.

Lastly, in true 90s kid form, to give you an idea of my music work, I made you guys a mix tape.

Music Samples

Music Samples

1 - My Ordinary Life (writing, performance)
First a (non comedy) song I wrote for youtube channel The Living Tombstone (3.3 mil subscribers) that has 8.9 million views.

2 - Yes All Men (writing, production, performance)
This song makes fun of straight white male persecution complexes by making a tongue in cheek charity anthem for the “I think I’m oppressed” white guy, who hates diverse Star Wars characters and loves the word cuck.

3 - Crystal Lake Christmas (writing, production, performance)
Here’s a song I wrote and recorded for our last Sam & Bill EP Christmas In July, our ill-advised holiday album. It’s called “Crystal Lake Christmas,” and it’s a Christmas song about Friday The 13th.

4 - Let Me Put Friendship Inside You (writing, production, performance)
Here’s a song I wrote, produced, and recorded, for that R-rated stoner puppet musical I mentioned in our interview. In it, Denny, our goofy protagonist, tries to avert a best friend breakup and convince his cynical bff Kip to help him save his puppet friends. I sing both parts. Pivotally this is the first time Kip is forced into participating in a musical number.

5 - Rap Feud (writing, production, performance)
This is the next Sam & Bill music video - a diss track that turns into an epic journey of self loathing.

6 - Avengers (writing, production, performance)
This is a demo from the upcoming Sam & Bill geek comedy music album, which we wrote about Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Thank you!

I hope we find ourselves working together - this job combines all of the many hats I've worn professionally throughout my career.